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Why order at Tea Fellows?

Highest Quality

We ensure you get First and Second Flush Teas with the highest leaf gradation: SFTGFOP-1. All our tea is carefully chosen by some of UK’s most renowned tea tasters.

100% organic

All our tea is from plantations that used no herbicides or fertilizers in cultivation.

Full Transparency

For every tea you bought, you can look up the pesticide residue analysis results of your tea and find out from which Darjeeling tea estate your tea came from.

Low Price

We did everything to eliminate all unnecessary costs in order to provide you the lowest possible price.

Support Darjeeling

For every tea bought we are supporting The Darjeeling Children’s Trust, an organization that supports disadvantaged children in the region.

Our Concept

How can it be that we offer you one of the world’s most sought after teas for an unbeatable low price?

Large Packages

By using large packages (500g, 1000g), we can save on packaging, labeling and handling costs.

Direct Trade

We cut all middlemen and buy directly from the tea estates in Darjeeling.


We only sell 100% natural Darjeeling tea with the highest gradation FTGFOP-1 to reduce costs. Nothing else.

One Year’s Supply

Tea stores well for long periods of time. Therefore many of our customers buy their year’s supply at a time. This reduces shipping costs.

How we support Darjeeling

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Organically controlled: DE-ÖKO-006

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