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Our Concept

What makes us different to other companies

We focus on only one sort of tea: The best. This helps us to set up a very simple supply chain that reduces storage and freight costs. By ordering tea in bulk directly from the tea plantation in India all unnecessary intermediaries that would increase handling costs are eliminated. Our big packages that go without costly design help to reduce packaging and labeling costs.

These are the main reasons for our unbeatable low price:

Large Packages

By using large packets (500g, 1000g), we can save on packaging, labeling and handling costs.

Direct Trade

We cut all middlemen and buy directly from the tea estates in Darjeeling.


We only sell 100% organic high grad FTGFOP-1 darjeeling tea to reduce costs. Nothing else.

One Year’s Supply

Tea stores well for long periods of time. Therefore many of our customers buy their year’s supply at a time. This reduces shipping costs.

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