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My Favourite Tea

Choose the right Darjeeling tea

The general flavour trend of Darjeeling tea ranges from light and delicate to robust and full-bodied. But the same Darjeeling tea from the same plantation will still taste different depending on the time of harvest (called flush).
If you are still not sure which kind of Darjeeling tea might be your favorite, here are some characterizations / taste descriptions of the different types of Darjeeling tea:

First Flush

The First Flush Darjeeling tea usually has a light body and a flowery flavour. The taste is fresh and lively. The leaves are tender and light green. As it comes from the first harvest after winter (it is usually harvested from February until the end of April/beginning of May), it didn’t see as much sun as tea from later harvests and thus is not as intensive. You can find some very interesting, delicate and smooth arboreal-minty-fresh mountain air flavors.

Second Flush

The Second Flush Darjeeling tea is stronger and has a bit more body than the First Flush. As it comes from the more mature plant (harvest between June and mid-July), it is where the big wine-like flavors come out. Usually Second Flushes have an amber-golden color and a balanced mellow, muscatel taste. The intensity of the summer-sun can be tasted in this tea.

Green Tea

We also offer Green Darjeeling tea. It usually has a mild and refreshing taste with a flavorful edge of tannin, which gives it the just the right touch of slight bitterness. Green tea is an unfermented tea, which is steamed immediately after it is plucked. As it is naturally low in caffeine, this tea is usually very soothing.

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